$5850 Scholarship Ammount - After providing good and honest reviews about the doctor near you, Docfindy Decided to Give a Hand to the Students Who are struggling Financially and Thus establishing Annual University Student Scholarship with which we give away $5850 Amount Per year. We are also Providing 10$/Day Reward to the students creating Most Interesting Topic, and 50$ to the Most Viral Topic of the Month.

Our Mission at is to Help People Find the best Doctor/Practitioner Near them Based on True and Honest Reviews of the other Patients. These health Practitioners Reviews helps the community to know the Real Truth behind the Marketing Lies in Health Sector. That is why people provide reviews to help their neighbors find the Good Medical Practitioner Near Them.

Information For University/School Staff :

Students of all Universities, Community Colleges and Schools in the United States are eligible for the 2000$ scholarship Program as long as their University/Community College is our partner in this campaign.

How to become a partner?

The only thing we ask from our partners is to help us promote this campaign to their current/future students via their website or elsewhere.

University/Colleges or Schools Contact Us:

If you are interested in collaborating with us, send us an e-mail at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Information For the Students

This Scholarship Program is to help the brilliant students struggling Financially.

  • We Will Select the Most interesting topic of the day and pay you 10$ reward Directly to your PayPal Everyday, thus giving 3650$.
  • Every Month One Most viral/voted Topic will get 50$ Reward.
  • At the End of the Year 2018 Christmas we Will select two Best Contributor Needy Students and Award 1000$ + 1000$ Reward.

Who can Participate ?

There are different rules for Different Types of award.

  • For 2000$ Annual Scholarship:
  1. You should be a Student of University or school.
  2. Your University or School should be our Partner in Scholarship Program.
  3. Your age should be 13+.
  • For Daily and Monthly Awards:
  1. Anyone who is 13+ in age.

Guidelines and Rules:

Submission Guidelines

  1. Login with Facebook or Twitter and Create Interesting Topics in Scholarship Category (Ask questions, Post interesting Research, Submit interesting news about Health or anything else which looks very interesting to you.)
  2. Topic you create should have quality Health, Fitness or lifestyle Related Content. Topic should not have adult/pornographic or abusive content.
  3. Ask your Friends from Facebook or twitter to join the discussion.
  4. Share the topic on your Blogs or websites so that more people engage to your topic. If more and more people Engage to your topic chances of winning daily, monthly annual reward Increases.

Content Posting rules :

  1. All The topics by scholarship Participants should be created under the Category Scholarship.
  2. Content Used in the topic should be unique and genuine (Fake or copied content Topics will be deleted.)
  3. All the content should be related to Human Health and fitness (Out of scope content will be removed).

Winner Selection:

  1. In daily Basis we select the winner based on Top topic Daily In the Category Scholarship.
  2. Each Month 23rd Date we select the Monthly Winner Based on Top Topic of that Month In Category Scholarship.
  3. 2 day Before Christmas 2018 we will award 2000$ scholarship to the two Most Brilliant Students. Based on The topics they created and Some other scales. (Top user of the year)

Recent Winners:

First Sign UP and then Start Posting Your Interesting Content here for Winning.



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