Obstetrician-gynecologist recommending pregnancy as a cure


After experiencing cervical pain for over a year and having a Scope procedure (laparoscopic exploratory surgery), an OBGYN suggested to me and my fiancé at the time that it was probably just time to have babies sooner rather than later and that could cure the pain. The pain occurred almost constantly and more prominently before menstruation so wouldn’t pregnancy just be a bandaid anyway? I had never discussed having children with my doctor and felt as though he put a timeline on it, too. Being in my 30’s and having many more things to accomplish, I didn’t think it was necessary to be reminded of a biological clock, as though my success and health could be measured by children. Has anyone else felt pressured by a medical professional to have children as some answer to pain or just because of timing? Isn’t this very backwards and a little sad?

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