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Dr. Paula  Kadison   Wiki p. k. Female, Internal Medicine Specialist Working in Aspen, CO. Aspen's One of the most reputed Internal Medicine specialist Dr. Kadison has an outstanding 35 year experience in its subject. She is working as a Doctor of Internal Medicine in Aspen, CO. She is now working with in a group of other Doctors. Dr. Paula obtained its degree in Internal Medicine from Duke University School Of Medicine in the year 1983 with brilliant grades. She is currently practicing at 225 N Mill St in Aspen. Doctor has been awarded more than 3 times for brilliant work in Internal Medicine field. She is an affiliated MD in Aspen Valley Hospital and many other Hospitals. She accepts patients and appointments in the office under Health organization.
  • Physician Internal Medicine Unique NPI ID - #1992987838
  • Gender - Female
  • Year of experience - 35+ Years
  • Graduation Year - 1983

Patient Reviews

Dr. Kadison Patient Reviews Doctor Paula Kadison More than 3 times awarded in Internal Medicine specialty by Federal and CO sate Govt. General public of Aspen have overall 4.644852416/5 rating for brilliant work.
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Office Location & Contact

Dr. Kadison is a well-known Internal Medicine specialist in Aspen. Dr.'s office is at 225 N Mill St. Office Address 225 N Mill St, Suite 116 Aspen, CO Zip - 816111503

Phone Number

This Phone number of Dr. Paula Kadison is provided publically By Medicare. Dr. Paula Kadison Phone number email Phone Number 9705441234

Email Address

Dr. Kadison email is provided by Medicare. email pau.****@yahoo.com.
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Hospitals Affiliation of Dr. Paula Kadison

Specialty: Internal Medicine Dr. Kadison MD from Aspen provides its Internal Medicine services in Aspen Valley Hospital. Here are the other hospitals.
  1. Aspen Valley Hospital
  2. Valley View Hospital Association

Medical College or University

  • She was one of brilliant student in Duke University School Of Medicine. Dr. graduated from Duke University School Of Medicine in 1983.
  • Graduation year - 1983.

Specialty and treatments

Primary specialty and treatment field of Doctor Paula Kadison is Internal Medicine, But She also may provide services in other specialties like:
  • Internal Medicine

Working Hours and Appointments

Working time of Dr. Kadison MD in Aspen, CO office is as follow.
  • Monday to Friday - 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.
  • Saturday & Sunday - She do not work (Only emergency Appointments.).

Reserve an Appointment

  • She practice in Aspen Valley Hospital, you can simply call 9705441234 and Fix an appointment with Dr. Paula.

Malpractices by Dr. Kadison

Dr. Kadison MD is a highly skilled and very intelligent Internal Medicine physician in Aspen, CO. She has 35 Years tough medical situations experience.
  • No malpractice has been reported about Dr. Kadison

Accepts Medicare approved amount or insurance?

According to Medicare data Dr. Paula Kadison - accepts Medicare approved amounts. But you should visit the office at 225 N Mill St or call the doctor to confirm if She accepts insurance or not.
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