About the connecticut category (1)
Dr. Paul F Nee - Infectious Disease in Danbury, CT (2)
Dr. Ali A Khodadoust MD - Ophthalmology in New Haven, CT (2)
Dr. H Robert Silverstein - Internal Medicine in Hartford, CT (2)
Dr. Amber Irimia - Nurse Practitioner in Avon, CT (2)
Dr. Michael Aron MD - Hand Surgery in Hartford, CT (2)
Dr. Kathleen M Abbott MD - Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation in Hartford, CT (2)
Dr. Anne S Bingham - Obstetrics/Gynecology in Middletown, CT (2)
Dr. Erik J Carlson - Orthopedic Surgery in New Haven, CT (1)
Dr. Elie M Ferneini - Oral Surgery (Dentist Only) in Waterbury, CT (1)
Dr. Brian Sullivan - Anesthesiology in Stamford, CT (1)
Dr. Sergey Zasypayko - Internal Medicine in New Haven, CT (1)
Dr. Andrew C Wong - Internal Medicine in Stamford, CT (1)
Dr. Elliot Charles Zweig - Dermatology in West Hartford, CT (1)
Dr. Ramzi Alkass - Obstetrics/Gynecology in Farmington, CT (1)
Dr. Maria F Varela - Optometry in Farmington, CT (1)
Dr. Leroy W Bentham - Optometry in New Haven, CT (1)
Dr. Mae Mae A.Y. Mirabelli - Diagnostic Radiology in Enfield, CT (1)
Dr. Vinnie P Shah - Ophthalmology in Fairfield, CT (1)
Dr. Sara Dever - Internal Medicine in Danbury, CT (1)
Dr. Fernando Afonso - Internal Medicine in Danbury, CT (1)
Dr. Louvonia R Boone - Anesthesiology in Waterbury, CT (1)
Dr. Rebecca R Hall - Dermatology in Stamford, CT (1)
Dr. Kumar Priyank - Internal Medicine in New Haven, CT (1)
Dr. Pamela Jl Mcguire - Clinical Social Worker in Plainville, CT (1)
Dr. Maria A Del Rio CSW - Clinical Social Worker in New Briatin, CT (1)
Dr. Lynn Dove - Clinical Social Worker in Mansfield Center, CT (1)
Dr. John J Orazietti - Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist in Bridgeport, CT (1)
Dr. Ethelle Shatz - Clinical Social Worker in Norwalk, CT (1)
Dr. Lisa B Knicos - Audiologist in West Hartford, CT (1)
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